There was at least one period in the Bo地ess Pottery when the wares were not marked with the owner痴 name, e.g. J Jamieson & Co,
but with the pottery name itself, i.e. B.P.Co. & Bo地ess Pottery Company.

It has been suggested in the past that these wares were made during the short period in 1854 - 1855 when John Austine, manager of the
Redding Coal Company, was Trustee.

Personally, I think the B.P.Co. wares that have been discovered, to date, are too finely potted for this period and are possibly from the
early Jamieson period.

Some of the known patterns were also made with the Jamieson mark but do not appear to carry over into the Marshall period.  To me,
this implies that they were not made after the Jamieson period just prior to Marshall or else we would expect to see this carry over.

However, there is a mug and jug marked Bo地ess Pottery Co.  They are Tonkin pattern, a pattern used by both Jamieson and Marshall
and the mug is the same shape as a mug produced at the Clyde Pottery, Greenock in the 1840s & 50s.  Perhaps these pieces are from
the Redding Coal Company period.


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