THE BO'NESS INDUSTRIAL POTTERY (from the Linlithgowshire Gazette and Lothians Chronicle, March 12,1892)

The Bo’ness Journal, 11th March 1892, reported the opening of the pottery.

The article contained the following:

This is a representation of the silver key by which the gate of the pottery was
opened.  The key was the work of Mr William Law, and was an elegant piece of
workmanship.  On the reverse side of the diamond shaped head of the key was the

Presented to Mr James Barrowman on opening the works 5th March, 1892.

However, Mr Borrowman was too ill to attend and the Opening ceremony was
performed by Mr William Maxwell, chairman of the Scottish Co-operative Wholesale
Society, who was presented with the key.  Mr Maxwell later intimated his intention of
giving the key to Mr Borrowman.*
The Falkirk Herald, 5th March 1892, informed us of the opening ceremony that would
be taking place that day and described the key as follows.
The head of the key forms the seal of the works.  It is in the shape of an oblong
diamond, with a teapot in the centre, and the motto "Good ware finds a ready market",
engraved on one side.  On the other side of the key is the inscription "Presented to
James Borrowman, Esq., on opening the works, 5th March, 1892"
View KEY here

* Mr. Maxwell did indeed give the key to Mr. Borrowman and it is
now owned by Mr. Borrowman's great great grandson, James
Brown. Photos of the key, supplied by James, can be viewed at the
link below.

Some of the wares produced by the Industrial Pottery:
Co-op Society Christmas Plate





Phileau (another version)

Roseberry (same pattern as below but different spelling)

Roseberry (same pattern as above but different spelling)



Unmarked mug but a known Industrial Pottery shape


Asiatic Pheasants


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