Several of the photos on this page appear elsewhere in this website.  However, I have decided to gather them together on this page,
explain the pottery connections and include a few old postcards (another passion of mine!).
Excerpt from the obituary of John McNay, manager at West Lothian PotteryMr McNay took a deep interest in public affairs and was
induced to enter the old Bo’ness and Carriden School Board.  He generally ranged himself on the side of the representatives of the East,
and was a strong supporter of their centralisation policy, which resulted in the erection of Grange School.  He was very proud of this
building, and more than once officiated at the annual distribution of medals and prizes.
The building that John was very proud of is the subject of the following postcards.

The construction of Grange School began in 1906 and the school opened in 1907.
The school’s motto Labore et Honore means Work and Honour.  This appears on the school banners (past and present) and various
industries associated with the town, in which many of its former pupils undoubtedly worked, are also depicted.
The school's current banner with the pottery industry represented in the top right corner (enlarged below).
This is the school's magnificent original banner with the enlarged pottery depiction below.

Grange School has a fascinating collection of stuffed birds, animals, various articles and artefacts.  When Bridgeness Pottery closed
the following display was added to their collection.
This is part of a larger display that was originally kept in the main office area of Bridgeness Pottery.  It comprises of examples of
transferware, sprigware, sponge printing and sponges, hand decorating and a selection of chemicals used in the manufacturing
processes.  The mugs are not full size but miniatures and may have been travellers' samples.

As previously mentioned, John McNay, manager at West Lothian Pottery, was also a member of the Bo'ness and  Carriden Board.  This
is my granny's Certificate of Merit, issued by Grange School and signed by John McNay in his role of Manager of the School Board.
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Horace Elsmore worked in Bridgeness Pottery as mould maker and designer.  After the closure of the pottery one of his jobs was that of
Attendance Officer for the local schools.  When he retired from this job he was presented with a radio casette player by the pupils and
staff of Grange School (picture below).