A teenage Josiah Cox McNay standing (left) next to his father, Charles Wason McNay.
Josiah Cox McNay was born on 14th February 1880, in Elmbank
Villa (left), Panbrae Road, Bo'ness.
In 1895 the family moved to Carndene (right), Grange Loan,
Following his parents' death Josiah, a bachelor, continued to live in
Josiah died in Craiginnour (left), Grahamsdyke Road, Bo'ness (the
home of his brother Charles) on 16th December, 1941.

Obituary from both Bo’ness Journal & Linlithgowshire Gazette, Friday December 19th, 1941
By the death on Tuesday, at Craiginnour, the residence of his brother, of Mr Josiah McNay, Bo’ness has lost one of its most prominent
Mr McNay was senior partner of the firm of C. W. McNay & Sons, Bridgeness Pottery.  The firm was founded by his father, Mr Charles
W McNay, many years ago, and despite strong competition from the South, which resulted in the closing of many potteries in Scotland,
Bridgeness Pottery under the capable management of the founder and his two sons, continued to flourish and is now one of the
remaining two or three similar industries on this side of the border.
In early manhood Mr J. McNay was an officer in ‘B’ Company of the 8th V.B. The Royal Scots.
His was a quiet and retiring disposition and he took very little part in the public life of the town, but was a householder representative on
the Public Library Committee.
A keen reader and discerning student of men and affairs, Mr McNay, who was 61 years of age, made his many friends welcome to his
home at Carndene, but, when the illness, from which he suffered for some months, became serious, he went to live with Mr and Mrs C.
McNay at Craiginnour.
Mr McNay will be much missed in Craigmailen Church, as he was a faithful attender and generous giver.
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