William Lumsden (right) was the second son of Robert Lumsden, the pottery engineer who
along with three others left the Bo’ness Pottery with C.W. McNay to help establish the
pottery at Bridgeness.

William was employed at Bridgeness Pottery and served his apprenticeship as a Gilder.

In 1898 he was a warehouseman.

By 1903 he was manager and remained so until his retirement in the 1940s.

His hobby was pottery decorating and would decorate blanks produced at Bridgeness for his
own pleasure.

Born on the 25th October 1873, William died on the 10th January 1959, aged 85.

The wares below were decorated by William.
William Lumsden (extreme left) and his son, Robert (extreme right)

Wares decorated by William:
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