Wally dugs, wally dogs, mantel dogs, mantel pieces, chimney pieces, Staffordshires, etc - a long list of names for the pottery animal
ornaments that graced thousands, probably millions, of British homes from the Victorian era until well into the 20th century.
However, the production of these ornaments was not confined solely to the Staffordshire potteries.  The Bo'ness potteries were also
involved in animal production and the following examples are a selection of those that have been attributed to Bo'ness either through
sherd evidence, publications or word of mouth. 

Bridgeness Pottery
Horse horses
Lion lions
Dog dogs terrier terriers
Pug pugs
Elephant elephants
Cat cats
Blue bow blue bows
Bear bears

None of the above animals have a maker's mark but the following two pairs have Registered Numbers on their bases.
Records at the British Patent Office in Kew, London show that they were registered by Bridgeness Pottery.
Cavalier King Charles Spaniel / Cavalier King Charles Spaniels / Pekingese / Pekinese
Rd. No. 542671 - Registered in 1909
Rd. No. 523391 - Registered in 1908

West Lothian Pottery
parrot / parrots / hen / hens / chicken / chickens
The photographs above are from J. Arnold Fleming's 1923 publication Scottish Pottery and the caption states that the ornaments were
lent by John McNay, West Lothian Pottery.
In his section on West Lothian Pottery, Fleming tells us
".... the factory has revived many old Scottish cottage ornaments made many years ago in Bo'ness Pottery".
Parrot parrots bird birds

The following figures are also from the Bo'ness potteries but I am uncertain of their exact pottery of origin.  Rather than give false
information, I have grouped them in this "others" section.
St Bernard / Saint Bernard / St Bernards / Saint Bernards
Cock o'th' North / Cock o' th' North / Cock o' the North / Cock of the North

The following figures are known as Wild Bill Hickok and Annie Oakley.  However, I cannot find anything to link the couple that would
merit the production of these figures.  When Bill was shot dead in 1876, Annie was only 16 and there is nothing to suggest that they had
ever met.

If the male is Wild Bill Hickok, the female could be Calamity Jane.  Jane was friendly with and greatly admired Bill and claimed that he
was the father of her daughter, Jane.

If the female is Annie Oakley, the male could be Buffalo Bill.  Annie joined Buffalo Bill's Wild West Show in 1885 and toured the United
States and Europe with the American showman.

The figures have the Registered Number 510606.  They were registered in 1907, 31 years after the death of Wild Bill Hickok but during
the Wild West Show period.

It has also been suggested that if the female is Annie Oakley then the male could be Frank Butler.  Frank was not only a fellow
entertainer but also Annie's husband and the figure is dressed in clothes that are more in keeping with Frank's appearance than Bill's.

Who are they?  You decide!

Records at the British Patent Office in Kew, London show that the figures were registered by Bridgeness Pottery.
Rd. No. 510606 - Registered in 1907
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